Something more than just a wind-up toy or replica

Spend your leisure productively & have a great time

Will be an enjoyable gift for everybody

Let your kids grow away from gadgets


Amazing metal mechanical model


Vintage cars are items of collection and other hobbies for real gentlemen and connoisseurs, yet such cars are not the most affordable type of entertainment by far. We bring true vintage vibes straight to your home — your living room, collector’s cave, and kids’ chamber — you name it.

Royal Voyager will fit any of the mentioned spaces as an awesome item for display, piece of a vintage enthusiast’s collection or advanced toy for developing your children’s mental abilities and motor skills.

This exclusive model is a state-of-the-art, handcrafted, real-life prototype-based mechanical car that you will have to assemble yourself, which is the most fun of it.

Easily and excitingly, now you can build a seemingly complex, elegant Royal Voyager model with a full-on real transmission. Composed out of 116 handcrafted parts, this vintage bad boy will definitely be a quality choice of leisure entertainment.


It is not just a wind-up toy car and it is not just another replica of a renowned retro vehicle. The Royal Voyager is your real miniature metal steed that has its own fully moving and working transmission with gearbox, steering system, as well as all other parts that move and open, like doors, hoods, springs etc.


The Time 4 Machine’s Royal Voyager model is designed after a retro racing car from 40s/50s — a bullet-shaped, roofless midget sports car. This type of race cars was the most popular, desired and held in high esteem by racing enthusiasts and professional racers of that time for their unprecedented speed, acceleration-oriented, aerodynamic body design, and advanced on-road abilities.


Some of these retro sports cars were even considered to have ‘too much power and speed’, which made them dangerous for high-speed races and added to their awesomeness.


Each and every element provided by Time 4 Machine miniature functional models building connoisseurs is a stainless piece of expert, individual composition. A beautiful model vehicle by itself, the Royal Voyager becomes all the more multipurpose and awesome when it moves.


Package size:  289 x 139 x 31 mm.

Model size:  214 x 72 x 51 mm.

Gross weight: 736 g.

Net weight: 227 g.

Set: 6 plates with parts, 7 additional gears, spiral, pliers, file, cloth for polishing and instruction.

Number of pieces: 130 pcs.

Material:  polished stainless steel (steel grade AISI 304).

All models come in cardboard boxes.

Packing material: micro corrugated cardboard, thickness 1.5 mm.

Recommended age: 14+.

Language of instruction: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish.

Designed by Terum LLC, Ukraine.

Manufactured in China.


Something more than just a wind-up toy or replica. Royal Voyager is a masterpiece from Time 4 Machine that repeats the whole basic construction of retro midget sports cars of the 1940s and 1950s. This miniature steed combines visual vintage design with awesome functioning car parts.

Spend your leisure productively & have a great time. An exciting process of building something as cool as a functioning mechanical vintage racing car rewards one with an awesome heirloom/toy/item of a collection to enjoy in the long run.

Will be an enjoyable gift for everybody. Royal Voyager is one of those awe-inducing presents. Rest assured that your person of the hour will be amazed and flattered to receive an almost real retro sports car in the minimized, yet elegant and sturdy form.

Let your kids grow away from gadgets. You can now let your children enjoy the fun of constructing something with one’s own hands and get an exclusive model as a result.

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