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Time 4 Machine provides an exclusive hobby worthy of a true gentleman, a real fan of most original leisure activities, as well as your keen children that deserve high-quality developing entertainment away from gadgets.

Assemble impeccable mechanical 3D models with your own hands for ultimate aesthetic satisfaction and vintage, steampunk-ish vibes — a type of leisure enjoyment for all ages.

Build exclusive vintage cars, sturdy tanks or peculiar clocks — whatever your heart & hands desire. An assembled model will be a great collector’s item, a tasteful piece of an interior, and an attention-grabbing ‘relic’ to put on display in general.

One-of-a-kind, authentic models.

Time 4 Machine handcraft models are based on the real-life prototypes, repeating real objects and vehicles down to fully-fрeatured transmissions and other complex at the first glance, yet simple to assemble moving parts.

Sturdy materials.

All parts are composed prevalently of the AISI-grade stainless steel. Each wheel and cog is the work of an enthusiast’s passion to let you dive deeper into the world of exciting authentic hobbies.

DIY passion.

We handcraft numerous parts and mechanisms so that you could join our passion for creating something out of nothing on your own. Let your inner creator out — an excitement of assembling complex mechanisms in just the right order is out there waiting.

Purchase easily.

As much as we keep our products DIY-focused and intended for one’s mind and hands, we also keep up with the latest tech trends. You can purchase any model via the payment service of your preference & get a rapid worldwide delivery.   

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